Let’s start with the fact that gas is an affordable and low carbon fuel option. 

The affordability and accessibility factors easily make gas a preferable choice for many Melbourne residents. 

Apart from those two, gas provides instant and effective heat where you can use it for cooking, heating your home, or as a source for your hot water. 

Plus, gas appliances are easy and safe to install, especially if you let a professional gas plumber or gas fitter in Melbourne do the job for you.

In this blog, we’ll cover the 4 popular gas installations for home use – from cooktops to outdoor BBQ kitchens to gas hot water systems to gas heaters! Let’s dive right in.

#1 Gas Connections for Cooktops and Ovens

Since gas can provide a quick source of heat and constant temperature, you’ll definitely get the most of it from your kitchen cooktops and ovens. 

By using gas, you can easily control the heat source’s intensity, which adds that extra convenience when cooking. 

#2 Gas BBQ Installation

The main reason why it’s highly recommended to have a gas BBQ installed is because a gas outlet will supply a reliable flow. This means the powerful source of heat won’t run out easily. 

Moreover, you can start up your gas BBQ anytime you want! Unlike the use of gas bottles for barbecues – where you’ll have to replace it. 

So, if there’s a spontaneous cookout or a well-planned gathering, gas BBQs are the best choice! 

#3 Gas Heater Installations

Compared to all the electric alternatives, gas surely offers a lot more affordable way to heat your home during the winter months. 

Alternatively, you may opt for a gas fireplace – which offers both great aesthetics and functionality to heat your home. 

Simply find a certified gas plumber in Melbourne to fit the gas outlet for your heaters and fireplaces.

#4 Gas Hot Water System Installation

Similar to gas heaters, you won’t have to worry much for the colder months. Gas hot water systems are also perfect if you’re all about space-saving appliances. 

Enjoy the reliability and energy efficiency that keeps your showers warm – it is especially important for those upcoming frosty mornings! 

Let Professional Gas Plumbers To Perform The Installations!

Repairing a gas leak or installing a gas heater on your own may seem like a lot simpler and cheaper idea at the time. However, always remember that this is gas you’re dealing with!

It doesn’t matter how simple you think dealing with dangerous gas operations is – it is best to leave to the pros.

And, despite your best intentions to save money or get the work done faster, improperly-installed gas connections or appliances can lead to fatalities that put you and your loved one in danger! 

For this reason, you should only hire licensed gas plumbers who have the legitimate licence, years of knowledge and experiences to handle gas-related services. 

Key Takeaway

Contacting a gas plumber like MCN Gas Plumbing will ensure that your gas is fitted correctly. You can always count on us to deliver top-notch gas services with professionalism and expertise! 

We’ll also install any gas appliances and fixtures safely!

Our certified gas fitters and qualified gas plumbers in Melbourne provide comprehensive gas services — including gas leak detection, gas connections, and gas bayonets

Plus, we offer gas maintenance for all your gas connections.

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