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There are numerous jobs that require both gas fitting and plumbing. For example, to install a gas hot water system correctly, a plumber should be equipped with both gas fitting and plumbing knowledge. 

Is it correct to assume this means that plumbers and gas fitters do the same things? Both plumbing and gas fitting are distinct professions that call for unique training. But plumbers can get licenced to work on gas lines if they pass a test.

So, you can hire a plumber who is qualified to work with gas to do the whole job of installing hot water, including the gas pipes, plumbing, and the tank itself.

In Australia, a gas fitter is prohibited from performing plumbing tasks due to the overlap between the two professions. They are only qualified to install gas heating systems and kitchen appliances like ovens.

Finding a plumber in Melbourne who is also able to do gas fitting is the ideal option if you need both services, rather than having to pay for and coordinate the schedules of two different contractors.

What types of jobs are plumbing work?

According to the 2013 Australian Standards (AS3500) Regulations, plumbing work includes any task involving the provision or maintenance of water supply, sewage disposal, or other similar services. Any work done on a building or appliance that already has plumbing, like installing, upgrading, repairing, removing materials from, demolishing, servicing, maintaining, inspecting, or changing it, is not considered plumbing.

The term “plumbing” refers to the whole system that brings potable water into a building, distributes it to all the rooms, and then safely flushes away used water and trash.

To be a qualified plumber in Australia, a minimum of four years of experience is required. During that time, they get their Certificate III in Plumbing and learn the skills and knowledge they need to become fully licensed plumbers.

How Can I Tell If A Plumber Is Qualified To Do Gas Fittings?

In other words, the qualifications and licence of a plumber do not inherently qualify them for gas fitting. Apprentices will learn a core understanding of gas fitting as part of their official education; nonetheless, they will only be eligible to seek a temporary gas licence and will be obliged to undertake any required work under the strict supervision of a fully licenced gas fitter.

A plumber needs to complete a Certificate IV in Plumbing and work as a plumber under an interim licence for a full year before they can apply for their permanent licence.

What Services Does a Gas Fitter Provide?

A certified gas fitter will instal gas appliances in accordance with the guidelines in the Gas Standards (AG5601 Gas Installations) Regulations 2013. This means that they can do any job that has to do with gas, such as installation, replacement, maintenance, demolition, modification, and repair.

They are not required to perform an apprenticeship, but must get a Certificate III in Gas Fitting. Non-tradespeople can complete this qualification, but they will only earn a temporary licence and like plumbers, must spend the next year working under the direct supervision of a qualified gas fitter.

Mechanics, electricians, people who work with electronics, and many others use gas as part of their jobs. Also, after 12 months of apprenticeship, these professionals will have earned their Certificate III in Gasfitting. Then they will be able to work in their respective trade, provide gas fitting services, or do a bit of both after earning their Certificate IV.

Who do I call then?

To put it all together, you will need a plumber if the service you are seeking has anything to do with plumbing, drainage, or water. If you want to install something that uses gas, like a cooktop or a grill that runs on natural gas, you can choose between a gas fitter and a plumber who is also certified in gas fitting.

If you need both for a project, like a gas hot water system, you should only hire a qualified gas plumber who is also qualified to do gas fitting.

Before you hire a gas plumber or gas fitter, you should make sure to ask for their licence and insurance information. There are unlicensed operators out there, which is a shame. Their prices may look good at first, but they can cause a lot of trouble in the long run.

Even if their plumbing or gas work looks good, it won’t be up to Australian standards. This can void the warranties on your appliances and cause big problems if you ever want to sell your house.

A qualified and licenced plumbing or gas fitting company will also have insurance. This is important to protect you and your property in case something goes wrong and causes damage, injury, or something even worse.

In Melbourne, MCN Gas Plumbing has a full team of plumbers and gas fitters who are all fully trained to Australian standards, qualified, experienced, and licenced to do any plumbing or gas fitting job you need, even in emergency plumbing situations.

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