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With a gas connection, you can save money on heating and cooking. Natural gas is significantly less expensive than electricity in Australia because of the country's abundant gas reserves. Furthermore, it is a more environmentally-friendly option than coal-fired power generation.

The gas plumbers at MCN Gas Plumbing Melbourne can help you with all of your gas fitting service needs. Our team of expert gas fitters will complete the job quickly and affordably for you because they have years of experience in the field. Installing such connections requires precision and professionalism, which is why you should leave it to the professionals like us.

You should always get professionals to handle your gas connections to avoid any potential hazards. In fact, only licensed gas fitters can provide installations, and repair gas fitting services.


Gas fittings include the installation, repair, service, and replacement of gas systems and pipes in both residential and commercial properties. Plumbers who specialise in gas fittings are often called upon in moments of emergency, such as when gas leaks are discovered or gas pipes burst, but they can also perform a wide range of other tasks.

Gas fitting services include the installation of new pipes, gas appliances such as hot water systems, stoves, cooktops, and gas barbecues. In addition, they provide instruction to homeowners on how to properly operate their gas appliances and how to avoid and resolve future gas-related problems.

When remodelling your home, it's essential to hire a gas plumber in Melbourne who specialises in appliance installation and disconnection. Professionals are the only ones who should handle the relocation of gas appliances, as any failures in managing gas lines can be catastrophic.


To be safe, have your gas connections handled by professionals at all times. In fact, working on gas pipes or appliances is strictly prohibited without a specific licence for plumbers. Make sure the plumber you're considering has the proper credentials and training before you hire them to work on your gas fittings.

Your search for a team of professional and licenced gas fitters ends with MCN Gas Plumbing. Not only do we have a team of qualified and licensed plumbers to do the job, but we also are well-equipped with the necessary equipment. There is no need to worry about the safety of essential appliances because they have been thoroughly checked by licensed professionals.


You wouldn’t have to face any legal hassles as we always adhere to the Australian standards.


We take time to ensure that the gas connection is secure and there aren’t any leaks.


We provide our clients with customised services by first evaluating the type of fitting that would be best suited for a specific application or environment.

Along with gas fitting in Melbourne, we also offer other related services, including emergency gas services in case of leaks or other hazards.

Before you hire us for gas fitting in Melbourne, you should check to see if your neighbourhood has a gas line. By visiting the natural gas website, or by checking if your neighbours' properties have gas metres, you can determine if you have a gas line.

Contact the utility company once you have confirmed that your street has a gas connection and that your property is ready for service. A licensed gas fitter would then extend the gas line from your metre to the areas of your home that need it.

Give us a call at 0420 102 285 to get your gas connection ready. If you prefer, you can also book our service online today. We are looking forward to providing you top-notch services! Check out what our customers have to say about MCN Gas Plumbing to see why so many people trust us here.


Scheduled servicing is available so you’ll never forget to maintain your gas services & avoid huge repairs. With us, we provide an on-time guarantee or we pay you $100! Read what our happy and satisfied customers said about our services.


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