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Are you frustrated with constantly having to refuel your barbecue's gas bottles? However, a more practical and viable option has been found! If you have a gas supply, you can add additional appliances. Installing a gas point/bayonet is an excellent solution in this case.

A gas bayonet is a straightforward device used to connect a gas main to an appliance. Each of these connectors is made up of a male and a female fitting, and when they are connected, the gas is safely transferred to the appliance. Gas points and bayonets can be installed for a wide range of gas-powered appliances. A gas bayonet, in essence, can help enhance the utility of your gas connection.

It's best to leave the installation of gas points or bayonets to the pros. The purpose of this is to avoid any possible inherent risks. Because of this, MCN Gas Plumbing Melbourne is your best bet for all gas bayonets installation services.


With gas bayonets already installed at your home, you could use portable heaters with ease. Keep in mind that portable heaters necessitate adequate ventilation in order to allow unburned gas to escape and to keep the air sufficiently oxygenated.

Parts of a gas bayonet can be divided into two sections. This is the part of the bayonet that is attached to a wall or floor. It can be found at the end of the appliance hose near the male gas fitting. Safe connection between the gas supply and the gas appliance is ensured by connecting these two components together.

When installing gas bayonets, it is strongly advised that the work is carried out by a licensed gas fitter. As it involves gas connections, it is best that you avoid trying a DIY approach as it can be dangerous. This is where professional services that we, MCN Gas Plumbing, offer – is highly required!

Gas point installation services are best left to licensed gas fitters like MCN Gas Plumbing, who have the training and tools to handle anything that comes their way. The safety of our customers is our primary concern, so we guarantee a proper gas bayonet installation. Find out why so many people prefer MCN Gas Plumbing by reading the feedback left by our happy customers.



It is critical that any gas connection be installed by a trained professional with the proper equipment to avoid potentially hazardous situations.


An experienced professional can warn you of potential hazards that may originate from the existing setup in your home, so that you can make the necessary changes.


Reliable gas fitting companies provide high-quality bayonets that come with a long lifeline.

Rather than charging per hour, we will charge per project. The price remains the same regardless of how long it takes us to complete the job. Your home will be left in pristine condition by our presentable, polite, and professional plumbers.

Please don’t hesitate to call MCN Gas Plumbing Melbourne at 0420 102 285. As a gas fitter, we can help you install and repair your gas bayonet fittings. On-time delivery of expert services is a given when working with us. Book our service online today!


Scheduled servicing is available so you’ll never forget to maintain your gas services & avoid huge repairs. With us, we provide an on-time guarantee or we pay you $100! Read what our happy and satisfied customers said about our services.


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