There are a number of difficulties that can impact the performance of your gas heater, such as faulty pilot light or gas leaks. Due to its complexity, gas heaters necessitate the expertise of trained professionals to service and repair correctly.

Although some homeowners may try to fix their gas appliances on their own, it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers that might occur if you don’t have the necessary knowledge. The best way to service or install gas heaters safely and prevent accidents or more damage is to call plumbers. 

Expert gas heater diagnosis and repair is best left to licenced plumbers because of their extensive training and experience in the field. They have the expertise to safely and efficiently diagnose and fix gas heater problems that the untrained eye may miss. Make sure your chosen gas plumbers are experienced and use the best equipment and techniques.

If you want to know when to call in the pros in Melbourne to replace or simply fix your gas heater, it helps to be familiar with the many symptoms that typically indicate a problem. Let’s dive right in! 

Weird sounds. 

Something may be wrong with your gas heater and require repair if you hear noises you haven’t heard before. The typical noises produced by a broken gas heater range from rumbling to clanging to clicking. Overheating can be the cause of a rumbling sound emanating from your boiler. Or if you hear a clanging noise from your heater, you might need to replace the fan belt. 

Ineffective heating. 

Since heating your home is your gas heater’s primary purpose, its ineffective heating indicates a likely malfunction. A power surge might have momentarily turned off your heater, so it’s a good idea to check the breaker panel. If the circuit breakers don’t appear to have tripped, verify that the thermostat is working normally and adjusted to the proper temperature. 

Get in touch with a local plumber in your area if you have checked your thermostat and circuit breakers and still have not discovered any issues.  They’ll be at your house to assess the situation and resolve it. Ultimately, the gas heater runs less efficiently, which calls for cleaning your air filter. 

Increased energy bills. 

Your gas heater may be malfunctioning or not working properly if you see an unexpected spike in your energy bill. A jump in your energy bill can be an indication of a heating problem, as gas heaters often use more energy than necessary to compensate for malfunctions. Now is the time to get the repairs you need today so you won’t have to spend a fortune replacing it later. 

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Calling plumbers for repairs when your gas heater breaks down or isn’t working properly guarantees that the problem will be handled by competent professionals who can fix the heater safely and efficiently.  

At MCN Gas Plumbing, if your heater isn’t working properly, our local plumbers can diagnose the problem by testing it and always having all the necessary parts on hand.  After they determine what’s wrong with your heater, they’ll repair it so it works like new again. 

To further reduce the likelihood of heating problems, we advise to invest in maintenance check-ups. Making an appointment for your gas heater to be serviced once a year or twice a year can ensure that it runs more efficiently, lasts longer, and uses less energy overall.

So, if you’re experiencing problems with your gas heater, don’t hesitate to seek the expertise of our plumbers for peace of mind and reliable repairs. Contact us today at 0420 102 285 or explore our website more to find out how our comprehensive gas services can help you. 



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