Outdoor gas heaters serve various purposes, from extending outdoor entertaining seasons to providing warmth in commercial spaces like restaurants and cafes. Homeowners often use them on patios, decks, or in outdoor seating areas to create a cosy atmosphere during cooler months. 

Commercial establishments frequently utilise outdoor gas heaters to accommodate guests in outdoor dining areas, ensuring comfort and satisfaction year-round. In other words, elevating an outdoor ambiance is effortless with the warmth of an outdoor gas heater. However, it is crucial to achieve that perfect blend of comfort and also safety.

Today, we’ll explore all the essential information you need to know before installing your outdoor gas heater. Read on to ensure cosy outdoor gatherings and unlock the full potential of your outdoor space while prioritising safety above all else! 

Types of Outdoor Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters and propane heaters are the two most common types of outdoor gas heaters. The latter offers portability, which allows you to move it around your outdoor space. This makes propane heaters ideal versatile heating solutions. 

On the other hand, natural gas heaters are often fixed in place – connected directly to a natural gas line. While they lack portability, natural gas heaters provide a consistent and reliable heat source. This is why natural gas outdoor heaters are well-known for their permanent outdoor heating installations.

Both types of outdoor gas heaters share common components and functionality, such as a base or stand, a heating element, a gas supply system (either a propane tank or a natural gas line), and a control mechanism. 

The heating element will generate heat when fueled by gas. Meanwhile, the control mechanism allows users to adjust the heat output and ignition settings so you can customise it to your liking. 

How to Install Your outdoor Gas Heater Properly

The safety and efficiency of your outdoor gas heater depend on its proper installation. To ensure its safe use and minimise any potential hazards, let’s take a look at some guidelines we include below. 

Choose a Stable Surface

It is recommended to opt for a level and non-combustible surface like concrete or brick. These materials can help support the weight of the heater without risk of tipping over. A stable surface for your outdoor gas heater can come in handy to ensure stability during use.

Maintain Proper Clearance

To prevent fire hazards, ensure that your outdoor gas heater is positioned at a safe distance from walls, furniture, awnings, and any other flammable objects. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific clearance requirements.

Secure the Heater

It is also important to anchor your outdoor gas heater securely to avoid it from toppling over — particularly when the weather is windy. You can place your outdoor heater on a weighted base or use an anchoring kit to keep it firmly planted on the ground or deck. 

Install Gas Lines and Regulators Safely

It is highly advisable to use high-quality materials that are designed for outdoor use and compatible with your specific outdoor gas heater model. Then, hire a professional to connect gas lines to the heater and gas source, ensuring a tight seal to prevent leaks.

Consult a Professional

If you’re unsure about the installation process or lack the necessary expertise, it’s advisable to consult a licensed gas plumber or gas technician. They will make sure that your outdoor gas heater is installed correctly and in compliance with safety regulations.

Operating Your Gas Heater Safely

Operating an outdoor gas heater can be relatively simple,  but it’s best to familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. You will learn all the essential information on proper operation, safety precautions, and maintenance requirements specific to your heater model. 

In addition, inspect your outdoor gas heater for any signs of gas leaks before each use.  You can start by examining the gas supply line and connections for visible damage or wear. Then, perform a simple soap and water test by applying a solution to the connections. 

You can test if you deal with a gas leak or not when you start noticing bubbles forming. Thus, when this happens, turn off the gas supply immediately and address the issue before proceeding.

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Remember to always prioritise safety above all else when using your gas heater or any other gas-related appliances. For complete proper and safe installation, be sure to rely on professional gas plumbers, like us at MCN Gas Plumbing

By entrusting the installation of your outdoor gas heater to professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right the first time, reducing the risk of accidents or malfunctions in the future.

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