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New gas installation may appear to be a daunting task, but with the proper instructions, it can be relatively straightforward. This guide is intended to help individuals safely instal gas piping in their homes. It goes over the basics of installing gas pipes, from choosing the right materials to putting the pipes together correctly. With some planning and common sense, you can quickly instal your own gas piping system.

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas, which has been widely used for decades, is a highly flammable hydrocarbon gas containing methane. It is produced in pressurised beds and is found deep within the earth’s crust. Natural gas is valuable due to its high flammability, which is obtained with low emissions.

What Is Required For New Gas Installation

New gas installation in your home is a big job, but you can do it yourself if you have the proper equipment and materials. Start by analysing everything you will need and estimating the cost of gas piping. The following is required to get started:

Caulk and Tube Cement

Utilise tape and pipe cement to seal all pipe segments and fitting connections. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely to ensure that the piping is properly sealed.

Pipe and Connectors

Depending on the length of your run and the type of gas you are using, you will need pipes and fittings of various sizes. For natural gas, you’ll need black iron pipe, while copper tubing is required for propane. Ensure you purchase fittings compatible with your pipe type.


If you need to trim the length of your pipe, you will need a hacksaw. Always wear safety glasses when operating power tools.


In order to tighten fittings and connectors, you will need wrenches. Choose a wrench whose size corresponds to the diameter of your pipes and fittings.


A level is required to ensure that your pipe installation is flawless. This is especially important when installing gas lines in an existing building, as any sloping could result in hazardous gas leaks.

The pencil and pen

Use a pencil and a marker to make notations about the type of gas and the size of the pipe on your pipe and fittings. This will be beneficial when the time comes to instal the piping.

Scale of Measurement

A tape measure will assist you in determining the length of the pipe run and the required fittings. Before installing gas pipes, ensure that you have the correct dimensions.

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Step By Step To Do New Gas Installation

With some preparation and knowledge of the process, installing a gas pipe in your home can be straightforward. Here is a detailed guide for connecting gas pipe lines.

  1. Determine where the gas pipe will be installed. This should be done in consultation with a professional to ensure that the pipe is installed in a secure location.
  2. Mark the pipe’s location on the wall or floor.
  3. At the indicated location, cut into the surface and remove any debris or obstructions.
  4. Apply primer to the exposed surface and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  5. Apply adhesive to the pipe’s back and press it into position.
  6. Connect the pipe to the gas supply and conduct a leak test.
  7. Caulk or duct tape any leaks and allow to dry completely.
  8. Attach any trim or covers that were removed during the installation process.

Installation of New Gas Meter

Using flexible connection products in natural gas metres is necessary to prevent tension caused by metre connections.

A Gas Stop Valve in must be positioned and mounted at a height of 150 to 220 cm for a possible moment of danger (within the height specified by the gas distribution company).

The mounted metres must be installed with consoles, leaving a 2 cm space between them and the wall or floor.

Prices For New Gas Installation

Prices for new gas installations vary based on location and installation strategy. Numerous companies offer varying prices for laying, but what matters most is the quality of the material and the manufacturer’s expertise in the field, not the price. Natural gas installation costs may vary depending on a number of variables. You have gained knowledge on how to instal natural gas in this article. You may also read additional articles on our blog.



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