If your gas heater has been giving you trouble time and time again, it’s probably best to get a new one.  It could be because of how long your gas heater has been in use, which cause the components to wear out. A broken old gas heater can be a major hassle. But is it really the best option to simply repair your gas heater?

Or simply replace it with a brand new one? When planning to replace a gas heater, there are numerous factors to think about.

Attempting repairs for faulty gas heaters is something that many owners would consider. Everyone wants to make sure their gas heaters last as long as possible so they can maximise their investment.

These signs below can help you determine when a gas heater requires service and when it needs replacement.

Your gas heater is old.

Your present gas water heater may have lasted for a long time due to regular servicing, but like any other appliances, you cannot rely on that only – especially if your gas heater is ten years old or older.  Hence, if ‘age’ is the main factor, then installing a new gas heater is the way to go. Moreover, with modern gas heaters, they are more energy-efficient!

Unusual gas smell

You shouldn’t smell any gas odour emanating from the gas heater’s unit. It is likely that gas leaks could be the cause of a strong odour that persists over time.

Problems with the ignition 

Your heater need to be able to switch on or light up with the simple push of a button. If you have to do several restarts get the unit to turn on, this could indicate an issue with the ignition board, thermostat, or flame sensor.

Gas heater is not hot enough or gets too hot

If the room remains cold even after turning the thermostat up to its highest setting, the problem may lie with the gas flow or the thermostat itself.

On the other hand, your gas fitter needs to look into the overheating issue immediately. You may notice signs like the walls around the heater become warm; another is if you find yourself constantly opening doors and windows to breath cool air.

Ongoing health issues

The silent killer that builds up in a malfunctioning gas heater—excess carbon monoxide—can harm your family’s health. Persistent flu-like symptoms, chest pain, coughing, and difficulty breathing are all signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Professional gas fitters can help ensure the room is well-ventilated at all times and the gas heater flue is clear.

Constant repairs

While it’s to be expected that there would be occasional maintenance, the cost and inconvenience caused by frequent breakdowns and repairs can soon mount up. Your heater is probably getting close to its end of life if you find yourself contacting a technician more frequently than normal.  For relatively new heaters with few problems, getting it repaired can be the best option.

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Relying on plumbers who are familiar with gas lines is crucial whether you need a gas heater installed or repaired. If your gas heater breaks more than once a year, then it may be time to get a new one. 

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